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Specializing in an extensive selection of stainless steel cabinet handles, pulls and knobs, DEKKOR is a North American distributor of decorative hardware from Europe.
We offer superior quality and innovative design for the kitchen, bath and furniture industries. DEKKOR has something for all tastes and budgets.

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Kitchen Accessories

European-designed and manufactured cutlery inserts and drawer & cabinet liners that set new standards in quality and design.


Cutlery Trays and Spice Racks


cutlery tray
Spice Tray

Features include transverse division of the cutlery compartments, a wide
compartment for larger utensils and, for the six largest layouts, individually adjustable cross dividers are available.

Anti-static, deep drawn, food-safe
polystyrene in high gloss white & silver and matte hard rock maple.


An ideal aid for every avid cook and chef.

Due to its variability, these inserts can be used for all kinds of drawer systems
and widths.

The holders give you an excellent overview of all your spices and are designed to hold all types of spice cans and glass bottles.


Drawer & Cabinet Liners


Drawer liner
  Liqui-non protections mats

European-designed and manufactured antislip,
anti-static drawer and cabinet liners

Keeps utensils and appliances secure and
protects surfaces

Non-adhesive for easy removal and cleaning
to maintain hygiene


Protect your cabinetry from

Dekkor under-sink protection
mat offers the ideal safeguard
from spilt or leaking liquids

The specially developed
spherical form allows a
collection volume of up to 6

Knoke LogoTambour Door Kits & More


A functional design element, Tambour doors allow for efficient storage in small or awkward spaces such as corner cabinets.

Made-to-order kits are designed and manufactured in Europe. They are delivered pre-assembled as a convenient easy-to-install cartridge system.

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Knoke Tambour door in cabinet



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